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APRIL 07, 2020


It is in a time of such uncertainty brought about by a virus, the Coronavirus (COVID – 19), that our priorities get sharpened. It has become clearer than ever that our priority is each other. It is for the benefit of each other that we need to not only socially but physically distance from one another. Working from home is the new normal for many of us. This can be challenging especially when we have rely on our teams for moral support, sharing of ideas or even a laugh. Staying focused on the job and being productive takes discipline when working remotely. There are many tools available on the internet to help you.

At our commercial cleaning company, we believe in looking after people. We have the tools and the know-how to help you create a safe workspace for your teams.
Romio Mixer

At a time where things around us are out of our control, out of reach and feeling like a task too big to tackle alone we can use this moment to deepen our bonds with family and friends. It is for such a time as this that technology had opened for us. Facetime, phone calls, emails, group chats are all in the palm of our hands. When we dial up the connections, we let each other spread kindness, care, love, happiness and thoughtfulness. We are being given the gift of quality time to call up the best in us.

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