How To Remove Different Types Of Paint From Carpets
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How To Remove Different Types Of Paint From Carpets

How To Remove Different Types Of Paint From Carpets

There may be instances when you’re remodeling your home and accidentally spill paint on the carpet. Or maybe your kid decided to paint a portion of the rug or your freshly painted chairs weren’t dry when you moved them back into your living room. Whatever the case maybe, there are DIY ways to remove paint from carpet including WD-40 and Oxy Clean. The best time to remove paint from carpet is while it is still wet, but there are often times when you may not be able to get to it while it is in that state.

Below we will highlight one of the proven ways to remove dried paint from carpet and also ways to remove different types of paint from carpet.

How to Remove Paint from Carpet with WD40

WD40 is basically a go-to product for displacing moisture, silencing squeaks, loosening stuck parts and preventing rust, but there are tons of other uses for it such as removing paint stains from carpet.
Things you will need:

  •     Can of WD-40
  •     Razor blade or knife
  •     Pair of gloves
  •     Dishwashing liquid
  •     Clean rags (white preferably)
  •     Hard bristle brush

Steps on Removing Dried Paint from Carpet
  •     Before you start to remove paint from carpet with WD40, use the razor or blade to clean up as much of the dried paint as you can.
  •     Next step is to apply the WD40 on the stained area to soften it, and work it with a clean rag, and let it rest for approximately 20 minutes.
  •     For the third step, you will need to apply some elbow grease, and use a fresh rag and scrub the area where you applied the WD40.
  •     Finally, now that the paint stain is removed from the carpet, use a little bit of dishwashing liquid or any other washing detergent to clean up the area and let it dry.

It is important to use caution when removing paint from carpet or when working with any chemicals such as WD40. To protect yourself from injury, wear protective gloves during the entire carpet paint removal process. This will also protect you when you scrape the paint with a sharp razor. If you can’t get a hold of WD40, you can also use paint thinner or nail polish remover instead.

Either way, you will need to use a razor blade first to remove the dried paint stains. If you’re using paint thinner, it may be best to absorb the stain with the rag instead of scrubbing it. And once the paint starts to come off, you can blot and scrub alternately. Follow up with cleaning the paint stained area with a dishwashing liquid and water. If you’ve spilled a large amount of paint on the carpet and its almost dry or dried completely, use a wet rag to keep it wet and get your hands on a wet/dry vacuum to remove the paint.

How to Remove Dried Latex Paint from Carpet

Good thing about latex paint is that even if it’s been dry for a few days, it can easily be removed.

  •     To do this, first you will have to try and saturate or dissolve the paint with hot water in an effort to soften the paint.
  •     Next, lay a clean rag with hot water over the spot and leave it undisturbed for a few minutes.
  •     Then blot up the moisture, and keep blotting while adding hot water until the paint is removed from the area.
How to Remove Water-Based Paint from Carpet
  •     Blot up as much paint as possible with a clean wet rag, without scrubbing.
  •     If the oil based paint is dry, you will have to use a knife or blade to scrape what you can.
  •     Finally, use hot water and detergent to clean it up.

Remember to use gloves when using any of the above paint stain removal methods, and considering that latex generally cause dry skin, use a good moisturizer to keep your hands feeling smooth as aftercare.