Upholstery Cleaning and Lounge Suite Cleaning
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Upholstery Cleaning and Lounge Suite Cleaning

Having your lounge suite, couch or sofa cleaned by YS Cleaning services is an easy way to freshen up your home. A freshly cleaned lounge suite is the next best thing to purchasing a new lounge suite.

Our experienced upholstery cleaners in Ipswich and Springfield Lakes use the latest upholstery cleaning methods to safely clean your delicate lounge suite upholstery. We will have your lounge suite or sofa upholstery cleaned, deodorised and dry in no time.

Don’t worry, your lounge suite upholstery cleaning is in good hands. We clean hundreds of fabric lounges suites and couches every year. We have seen and dealt with all types of lounge suite cleaning needs be it stain removal, removing dark dirty areas on the arm rests/head rests and deodorising and sanitising.

If you need upholstery cleaning in Ipswich, Forest Lake and Springfield Lakes then don’t hesitate to get in contact with YS Cleaning Services.

Here we have listed the Four easy steps to having your upholstery cleaned.

• Step 1 – Preparing upholstery to be cleaned:

First step is to identify what type of material that needs to be cleaned. Most lounge suites are mircofibre/micro suede, but some are made from cotton, polyester, polypropylene or nylon. We apply the appropriate cleaning solutions, paying particular attention to the head rests and arm rests. Sometimes these areas may need a little extra agitation.

•Step 2 – Steam cleaning the Upholstery:

Combining our effective cleaning solutions and powerful truck-mount system which creates its own hot water, dirt, grime and residual odours are extracted out of your fabric upholstery leaving you with a fresh, clean lounge suite. We use special tools to clean lounge suites and sofas, that are designed to clean effectively and have your upholstery ready to use in a few hours. Check out our blog article about how to clean upholstery for more information.

• Step 3 – Getting your clean upholstery ready to use again:

The average upholstery cleaning drying time would be a few hours. The more soiled your lounge suite or sofa is the longer it may take to dry. Turning on fans, opening windows etc will speed up the drying time. After we steam clean your upholstery we often towel dry the fabric as well. This not only gives us an opportunity to make sure nothing has been missed, but as an added benefit helps your lounge suite dry quicker.

• Step 4 – Preventing future stains

Now if your worried about future staining occurring on your freshly cleaned upholstery then fabric protection is the answer. A bit like an insurance policy fabric protection gives you time to treat stains before they become permanent. Ask us for more information about our discounts on fabric protection booking in one of our upholstery cleaning services.


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