Go GREEN This Spring Cleaning
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Go GREEN This Spring Cleaning

Spring is perfect to welcome the warmer days and freshen up your home. Spring cleaning can be safe and kind to our environment while feeling happy and fresh. Here are few simple eco friendly tips for you this spring season.

You may find a lot of stuff that you never really use. Get rid of them from your closet, basement and attics. This is very hard decision for you to make if you are a clingy person but lets be practical and not lie to ourselves. Ask yourself if you are ever going to use it.

Do Not Dump
Take a stock of all the items that someone else might need, utensils, electronics, clothes, books, magazines, toys, home decor etc. All of these items could find a second life with someone else. Instead of throwing any item away organize a garage sale. If it is not of use to you anymore then clean it and sell it. Items in good usable condition are sure to fetch you some money. If you want need instant gratification, just drop it all off at your local Salvos.

Repurpose Reuse Recycle
Once you’ve exhausted all the other options, it’s time to recycle. Before you dispose any item, think of ways if it can be reused. For instance, old paperclips can be used to organize your cables and old clothes can be neatly cut in rectangular piece as a cleaning cloth.Check anything plastic to make sure it’s recyclable, and make sure to safely dispose of anything that’s not recyclable or trash-friendly, like old paint or batteries

Go Green 
Ditch all paper towels and go green by using cloth towels. No doubt eco-friendly cleaning products are good but you can always make your own products. You can look for instructions online to make some amazing natural cleaners combining these two. You can add a few drops of essential oil for scent if you prefer. You won’t have any worries about what kind of toxins you may be spraying around your kids and pets as these are made by you.

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