Mould Cleaning

Mould Cleaning

Fast, safe, effective mould treatment system.Our anti-microbial solutions trace the mould to moisture source to effectively treat hidden and visible mould. 3 Month Warranty: We warrant that mould will not return for 3 months.Repainting or building work is unnecessary in over 95% of cases.One day treatment.Treats air-borne mould spores and restores air quality to safe, healthy levels.

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Professional Mould Cleaning Service
It will cost $80 for 1 bathroom, if there is 2 is 2 bathroom then $145. will do full bathroom cleaning including of toiletsheet,shower screen,all tiles and normal mold. Extim mold and ceiling will required extra cost which cleaner will suggest you.

Our cleaning solutions effectively treat active mould, using a unique surfactant solution that traces the moisture into building materials to effectively treat hidden mould. Mould and mould stains are removed, with painting unnecessary in over 95% of cases.Anti-Microbial mist is sprayed into the home to treat air-borne mould spores and prevent re-colonisation

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