Car Disinfectant

Car Disinfectant

With the growing threat of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the disinfection and sanitation of surfaces you are around daily is very important, one of those being the interior of your car. Interior trims such as door handles, steering wheels, stereo screens, indicator stalks and more are all areas that can hold harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. Proper interior cleaning, detailing and disinfecting of these surfaces is important but the correct disinfectants need to be used to ensure damage is not caused to the different types of trims inside your car. All our technicians meet stringent health and safety guidelines.

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6 Ways to Kill Germs in Car

Germs and other bacteria pose a great threat to you and your family’s health especially when you spend long hours inside your car. However, there are effective ways in which you can maintain cleanliness and kill germs in your car. Take a look at the following methods you can use if you are wondering how to kill germs in a car.

*Mold,stain treatment,scrubbing is extra
How to Clean a Car’s Exterior Surfaces?

Giving your car a nice clean bath would seem like a chore. But it can be quite enjoyable if done correctly. Additionally, you also save some bucks otherwise spent on a car wash.

The easiest and fastest way to clean a car would be using a hosepipe. But if you wish to save water then the good old bucket method is the next best choice. Here are the things that you will require for washing the exterior of your car:

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