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We carry a large range on stain treatments for all the common stains such as ink, red wine, blood, urine/ faeces, coffee and tea. A lot of people have “unrealistic expectations”. Any spill/ stain must be treated within 48 hours of occurring. Please keep the spill/ stain damp with water only. General supermarket cleaning products often do more damage and only make it tougher for us to remove

During warmer months 4-6 hours from completion of job. In cooler weather it will generally take 6-8 hours from completion of job. Good airflow by air conditioners, overhead fans, open windows & doors will decrease drying times

As often as you feel it needs cleaning! -generally every 12 months. The more often you vacuum your carpet to remove abrasive dirt, the less you will need to have your carpets professionally cleaned by us. A clean looking carpet or upholstery will still hold a lot of unseen dirt & bacteria


Preferred payment is: EFT, bank deposit, cash payments. also available

All of Sydney !!!

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