Carpet Disinfectant

Carpet Disinfectant

Protect your home & offices from germs and bacteria by combinint carpet cleaning with the professional antiviral sanitisation treatment done with disinfectants that kills 99.99% of bacteria. Take advantage of the one-off cleaning service together with the antiviral sanitisation & disinfection service to make your place sparkling clean and bacteria-free.

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Our method of professional car disinfectant
Our carpet cleaners have served over 100K customers in the past many years and most of returning customers vouched for us to others because they had
Sanitising and Germ Fumigation

Use of a germ fogger is invaluable to protect your health and others within your living space. A powerful fogger can sanitise an entire room to eliminate germs, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. This would be the final step as it is required to thoroughly clean and disinfect all treatable areas before fumigating the area.

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