Prices to change if property huge ,messy and dirty on the day of the job inspection to be done prior starting job.
* End of Lease jobs -3 Days Redo offered from the time of Real Estate check

If No lift access per level machine charges $10  

End Of Lease

This dwelling continuance examine is unrestricted by occasion, connotation the cleaners will continue pending the checklist is all prepared. You can imagine a proficient domicile onslaught of the complete belongings includes:


Spot-clean cabinets to eliminate fingerprints and smudge. Play close interest to doors and drawers you used frequently. Don’t forget about the cabinet boxes and drawer interiors. Spray and wipe the countertops and range top. Clean off splatters from the vent hood, too. Thoroughly clean, the oven is cavernous clean to a wonderful cease, floors are vacuumed and mopped.


Bathe & partition, restroom, descend & under sink cupboard, shower, floors  emulate and fixtures are clean and sterile.


Detail doors, door handles & door frames. Clean all light switches and power points, vacuum & mop all floors if not carpeted. Wardrobe shelves, drawers & mirrors cleaned. Cleaning all mirrors & glass-top surfaces. Accessible light fittings if opened will be cleaned. Cobwebs removed and cornices dusted. Skirting boards wiped down. Dust accessible air vents & ceiling fans


Mustiness is detached; carpeted floorings are vacuumed; furniture & shelves and electrical goods are all dusted; window sills and elusion board refined.


Stairway is vacuumed and mop if pertinent, banisters & railing are dusted; cobwebs are aloof.

Extra Services 

We can perform additional tasks, such as wash the windows (exterior), clearout the fridge and dishwasher, dust the blinds, wiping the walls, etc. They can be integrated in the tenancy onslaught service, upon request and at added price. Our customer service agents will respond any question you may have.

Additional Services You May Need for Move out Cleaning

Book end of tenancy clearout in arrangement with extra of our services and you can get discounted deals as a package. End of lease is normally booked with: Tile and grout cleaning, Upholstery, mattress and curtain cleaning, Carpet cleaning, Window cleaning, High-pressure cleaning, removal of old furniture, Lawn mowing and Pest Control.

Leave your Property to us and receive your bond back  

Get your bond back quick and easy. The end of lease cleaners can be at your entrance as before time as tomorrow, focus to accessibility. We specialise in same day bookings and we will give you a thorough clean of your tenancy property. The onslaught expert is lengthily taught to chase closely Agency cleanliness checklists. They will not escape the location until all crackdown tasks have been done to the peak ordinary.